Reflecting on the “Introduction to Product Management for Startups” Workshop

February 14, 2024

NEC X hosted an insightful workshop titled “Introduction to Product Management for Startups” as part of our Elev X! Ignite Batch10 Customer Validation program the other day.

We were honored to welcome Mr. Sonehara, a Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn, who has a wealth of experience in product management from both large corporations and startups. His expertise greatly enriched our efforts at Elev X!, and we are committed to inviting more distinguished guests like him to support and inspire entrepreneurs in our program.

Feedback from participating entrepreneurs underscores the value of the session. One entrepreneur shared, “This workshop came at the perfect time for us as we’re in the alpha version testing phase. I gained valuable insights into product management considerations and pricing strategies.” Another noted, “I was grappling with breaking down our mission into actionable steps, and this workshop clarified the role of the mission in product development.”

Let’s delve into the key takeaways from this enlightening workshop.
Mr. Sonehara kicked off the session by highlighting three pivotal trends shaping product management. He emphasized the importance of modern products focusing on outcome-focused product development and agility in embracing diverse viewpoints in a society rapidly changing due to software advancements.

And then, he delved into the concept of “value” in a product, discussing the Value Triangle composed of three elements: ‘Price,’ ‘Differentiator,’ and ‘Promise,’ and elaborated on each of their definitions.

Despite understanding the value, products sometimes falter. Mr. Sonehara outlined five core pitfalls leading to product failures, including targeting problems never existed, lack of focus, poor user experience, misalignment of value and price, and faulty iterations. He not only elucidated these challenges but also provided practical frameworks to guide startups toward success.

We extend a heartfelt thanks to Mr. Sonehara for his invaluable contribution to the workshop. His insights have enriched our understanding of product management, and we’re grateful for his time and expertise.
Stay tuned for more enriching sessions at NEC X as we continue to empower entrepreneurs through valuable workshops and expert insights.