Elevating Innovation

Located within the vibrant Silicon Valley ecosystem, Elev X! equips early-stage startups and founders with the tools and support needed to fast-track their tech development and adoption.

Our core programs – Elev X! Ignite and Elev X! Boost – extend far beyond the conventional venture studio model by providing a unique blend of collaboration, capital, extensive R&D resources, comprehensive support, strategic partnerships, and integration into NEC’s extensive tech ecosystem.

This vital combination of guidance, support, tools, and resources uniquely enables our startup members to turn visionary ideas into commercial successes that revolutionize how we work and live.




Startups Accelerated

International Markets

R&D Ecosystem

The NEC X Difference

NEC X, Inc. is more than just an incubator, accelerator, or venture studio; it’s an innovation powerhouse backed by the global technology leadership of NEC.

In addition to funding, we provide unparalleled access to NEC’s 125+ years of IT and network technologies expertise, along with hands-on support and mentorship, integrations with advanced technologies, exclusive workshops and skill development, strategic collaborations, and much more.

Since our founding in 2018, NEC X has helped launch and grow more than 100 startups and counting!

Our Mission:

Elev X! is more than a name – it’s our mission

Derived from Elevate, “Elev” signifies our dedication to lifting entrepreneurs to unprecedented heights. The “X” encapsulates our foundational strategies: Accelerate, Cross-border, and Combine.


Fast-tracking the journey of breakthrough technologies, from concept to market.


Expanding innovation globally, transcending traditional boundaries and challenging the status quo.


Fusing diverse ideas, expertise, and technology to forge transformative new solutions.
The “!” symbolizes more than just enthusiasm. It represents the momentum, vitality, and unique spirit of innovation that propel our community forward. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to create and scale technology-driven businesses that address real-world needs, leveraging advanced technology from NEC to drive societal progress.

Our Visionary Team


CEO & President –

Naoto Mizuguchi


Nobu Morita

Director of Innovations – NEC X

Ryo Kaneko

Director of Innovations – NEC X

Ryoko Hirano

Director, Venture Studio and Marketing – NEC X

Mai Takeuchi

Program Manager, Venture Studio – NEC X

Alfonso Samano Peters

Product Manager Lead – NEC X

Andrew Murray

Full Stack Developer – NEC X

Rui Ishino

Public Relations Specialist – NEC X

Jose Cantu

Full Stack Engineer – NEC X

Shayan Ali Bhatti

Engineering Project Manager – NEC X

Stacey Lee

Software Engineer – NEC X

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there specific industries or technologies that NEC X focuses on in its Elev X! programs?

While we work with a wide range of companies, Elev X! is especially keen to support B2B/Enterprise SaaS startups in the fields of AI/ML, climate and agriculture, public safety, digital health, and marketing.

Can startups apply with just an idea, or is a minimum viable product required?

Yes. Startups can apply to Elev X! Ignite with just an idea, although having a demo or a prototype may enhance their application’s strength. You can apply and see a full list of submission requirements, here.

Can international startups apply to Elev X!, and are there specific requirements or support for them?
Yes! International startups are welcome if they are, or will be, incorporated in the US and if they can participate in both our in-person and virtual sessions. On a case-by-case basis, Elev X! can offer specific support enabling in-person access to our ecosystem of partners, mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs not only in Silicon Valley but also other areas like New York.
What are the participation options for the program (full-time, part-time; in-person, remote)? Are there restrictions on outside work?
Elev X! offers flexible participation options. However, Elev X! Ignite is quite intensive, especially for the first 3-4 months. It includes full-time week-long sprints that are in-person, in addition to remote formats, with certain restrictions on outside work during the program.
Does NEC X provide funding to startups, and if so, under what terms?
Yes! For startups in Elev X! Ignite, we offer up to $200K in equity funding in addition to support, services, and tools worth thousands of dollars. We also offer flexible funding options to help our Elev X! Boost startups scale rapidly. Additionally, seed-stage startups have access to NEC’s $150M CVC fund.
Are there networking opportunities with investors during or after the Elev X! program?
Elev X! facilitates networking opportunities with investors, mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs both during and after the program. We continue to support our members, even after they graduate!
What pathways are available to partner accelerators like Alchemist Accelerator or ERA after customer validation?

Yes, there is a pathway to other accelerators. We can help by introducing our promising startups to Alchemist Accelerator or ERA with a referral, for example, allowing them to fast track their application process. (Note: This does NOT guarantee acceptance to the partner programs.) Learn more about our partners.

Can a startup reapply to Elev X! if not selected initially?

Yes! Startups are encouraged to reapply for Elev X!. Subsequent applications should include significant updates or improvements. We also welcome any founders reapplying with a completely different idea and other team members.

How frequently does NEC X run its accelerator batches, and when is the next one scheduled?

NEC X runs two cohort batches annually, with the next batch typically announced a few months in advance. To stay updated, please subscribe to our newsletter.

How long are the Elev X! programs, and what are the key milestones and events?

We provide two specialized programs.
Elev X! Ignite is a 6-9 month course for early-stage startups focusing on customer discovery and validation to prepare for seed funding.
Elev X! Boost is a more customized program, typically spanning 3-6 months after investment, for seed-stage startups with a proven MVP, ready to accelerate development and begin scaling. Learn more about our programs.

What are the specific benefits of participating in NEC X compared to other accelerators?

Unlike other accelerators or venture studios, NEC X is corporate backed. However, NEC X embraces a startup-first approach to transform visionary ideas into commercial successes. Backed by NEC corporation’s 125+ years of IT and networking expertise, NEC X provides a unique blend of collaboration, funding, engineering expertise, extensive R&D resources, and comprehensive business support that have been proven successful.