Boost Your Startup’s Growth

Is your startup at the tipping point with a proven MVP? Join Elev X! Boost, and together, we’ll supercharge your growth trajectory.
Elev X! Boost isn’t just about acceleration—it’s about elevation.

Designed for ambitious startups on the brink of significant scaling, this individually tailored, invite-only program offers a unique blend of capital, strategic partnerships, and integrations with NEC X’s expansive tech ecosystem to propel your startup to global success.

Program Timeline

Elev X! Boost offers a highly customized acceleration experience that adapts to meet your needs and readiness for scale. Each startup’s journey is unique, and includes:

Preliminary Technology Synergy Assessment:

Collaborate with NEC X specialists to determine how your solution can best integrate and synergize within NEC X’s robust technology ecosystem.

Capital Infusion & Strategic Growth:

Following thorough assessments and planning, NEC X provides flexible funding to efficiently scale your startup.

Financial & Investment Planning:

Strategic financial structuring and investment readiness to prepare for scale and future investments.

Business Collaboration & Technology Implementation:

Begin generating revenue through integrations with NEC X’s global footprint, while refining your product to accelerate growth.

Why Elev X! Boost?

Unmatched Synergies

Utilize NEC X’s vast network of technologies and services for co-creation opportunities and deeper market penetration.

Market Access

Tap into NEC X’s global footprint and customer base, reaching more than 55+ international markets.

Strategic Support

Partner with NEC X experts on operational strategies and technological implementations, fine-tuning your product for the global stage.

Advanced Technology Integrations

Enhance your product with NEC X’s advanced technologies, including computing resources, APIs and customized AI modeling.

Growth Capital

Access flexible funding options to support your scaling efforts and prepare for series funding.
Manny Cerniglia Headshot - color_vert

Manny Cergnilia

Co-Founder & CEO

If you have an idea that’s venture scalable and you could benefit from NEC’s expansive technology portfolio, expertise, and network, I highly encourage you to apply for Elev X!.

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Nipun Kumar Headshot - color_square

Nipun Kumar


The program structure – with pre customer discovery, customer discovery, and validation – helped me to think about how I could find a product that would be extremely profitable and business worthy.

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Laura Khoudari-Rico

Batch 10 Participant: Editor, Consumer Goods, Clikr

This program is the best of the best you will ever have access to. If you have an idea, please don’t doubt it apply to this program. You will never regret it.

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Tiffany Walling McGarity Headshot - BW

Tiffany Walling McGarity


The value of collaborating with NEC X has catalyzed our business scaling efforts by providing crucial insights into efficient operational practices and go-to-market strategies. This engagement has enriched our team’s capabilities in business acumen and strategic planning. Moreover, NEC X has fostered a vibrant network of peer companies, creating a collaborative community from which we all learn and grow. Their recognition of our efforts has also elevated our company’s profile, providing us with invaluable exposure and credibility in the industry.

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Archita Mandal

Founder & CEO

Being a part of the Elev X Ignite cohort is like having a co-founder who helps with take off.

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Jennifer Walling Headshot - BW

Jeniffer Walling

VP of Sales & Marketing

Our Elev X! experience as a Batch 11Ignite participants provided us with a clear path forward with clarity and roadmap. The opportunity to compare, share and learn from the other founder in our cohort was so valuable along with access to mentors that can clearly guide our path.

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Elev X! Success

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Elev X! Boost differentiate from NEC X's other accelerator programs?

This highly customized program is designed to empower seed-stage startups for rapid growth and a successful series A round. We offer a tailored blend of capital, strategic partnerships, and integrations and implementations within NEC X’s global tech ecosystem.

Who is the ideal candidate, and what criteria are you looking for?

Elev X! Boost is designed for seed-stage startups with a proven MVP that are ready to scale. We are always seeking committed entrepreneurs whose innovations synergize with NEC’s technologies, with a clear vision and the potential for substantial market impact.

For earlier stage startups, check out Elev X! Ignite.

What can I expect after completing the program?

While each startup member’s journey is unique, our Boost participants expect to raise the next funding round (in most cases, Series A). To help ensure successful fundraising, we offer Boost participants exclusive integrations with NEC X’s expansive tech ecosystem and access to our global business platform to begin securing customers and generating revenue.