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Elev X! ignites your startup’s journey and boosts you to success, providing unparalleled support and world-class resources that propel tech entrepreneurs from idea to impact.

Powered by NEC X and backed by NEC’s 125 years of tech expertise, over 45,000 patents, and an $8 billion R&D network, this one-of-a-kind start-up enabler helps transform visionary ideas into scalable successes, all within the vibrant Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Building the Next Unicorn: Our Venture Studio Programs

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Customer Discovery & Validation

Spark innovation and turn groundbreaking ideas into viable tech ventures.

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Technology & Growth Acceleration

Accelerate growth and scale with advanced tech support, strategic partnerships, and NEC’s unparalleled resources.

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Our Four Guiding Principles

Elev X! isn’t just about funding; it’s about fueling your startup journey with a rich ecosystem built for groundbreaking success. Here, industry-leading support, resources and expertise converge to launch your venture into the stratosphere.

MVP Mastery

Create impactful, user-centric Minimum Viable Products with NEC X engineering prowess at your side.

Innovate with Integrity

Understand customer’s true needs and create meaningful solutions that make a difference.

Barrier-breaking Technology

Immerse yourself in emerging technology and research, gaining a competitive edge to innovate and succeed.

Cardinal Partnerships

Open the doors to exponential growth, visibility, and impact through our unparalleled network.


Laura Khoudari-Rico

Batch 10 Participant: Editor, Consumer Goods, Clikr

This program is the best of the best you will ever have access to. If you have an idea, please don’t doubt it apply to this program. You will never regret it.

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Jean-Claude Junqua Headshot - color_square_small

Jean-Claude Junqua


Via the Elev X! program, a new venture or early-stage startup will have access to high quality workshops and expert guidance. They will also be able to experience a range of new perspectives while sharpening their problem solution fit via customer interviews. In a short period of time they will realize the power of a problem-centered approach. They will be able to do so with the guidance needed to be successful.

Manny Cerniglia Headshot - color_vert

Manny Cergnilia

Co-Founder & CEO

Throughout the program we learned a lot — from customer discovery, to defining our market, building a compelling business plan, and falling in love with the problem that we were solving, and most importantly, delivering on our MVP.

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Nipun Kumar Headshot - color_square

Nipun Kumar


The program structure – with pre customer discovery, customer discovery, and validation – helped me to think about how I could find a product that would be extremely profitable and business worthy.

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Sheldon Weiss Headshot - color_small

Sheldon Weiss

Founder & CEO

They are your partner and they are one of your founders. Don’t be afraid of that embrace and take full advantage of the relationship.

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Tiffany Walling McGarity Headshot - BW

Tiffany Walling McGarity


Among the many valuable offerings, one of the best experiences with NEC X has been the deeply collaborative and educational nature of our partnership. Their team went beyond typical advisory roles, actively engaging in hands-on sessions that guided us through complex integrations and scaling our technology. This process was complemented by a series of expert-led classes and access to a wider network of industry advisors, which broadened our understanding and approach. This comprehensive support has not only refined our product but has also significantly advanced our team’s capabilities and strategic outlook.

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Archita Mandal

Founder & CEO

Being a part of the Elev X Ignite cohort is like having a co-founder who helps with take off.

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Jennifer Walling Headshot - BW

Jeniffer Walling

VP of Sales & Marketing

Our Elev X! experience as a Batch 11Ignite participants provided us with a clear path forward with clarity and roadmap. The opportunity to compare, share and learn from the other founder in our cohort was so valuable along with access to mentors that can clearly guide our path.

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Elev X! Success

Our rising stars are already disrupting industries.

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NEC X proudly partners with leading entrepreneurs, accelerators, investors, and innovators dedicated to steering startups toward success and growth.