NEC X and VACO Partner on AI/ML Solution, Enabling Enterprises to Accelerate Most Challenging Data Compliance Behind Own Firewalls at 10x Lower CAPEX

March 10, 2022

Complete Reference Design and Consulting Services Combine NEC’s SX-Aurora TSUBASA™ AI Platform and VACO’s Best in Class Technology Consulting and Cognitive Computing Framework® for PII Redaction

SANTA CLARA, California – March 10, 2020 – NEC X, the innovation accelerator for NEC’s emerging technologies, and VACO, a global solutions and talent firm, today announced that they have jointly developed a complete reference design and services offering that enables enterprises to more confidently comply with personally identifiable information (PII) data governance regulations such as GDPR. This new reference design is based on an advanced compute server containing NEC X’s SX-Aurora TSUBASA™ AI platform, which uses vector processing to provide supercomputing performance on a compact PCIe x16 card. This AI platform runs VACO’s proven Cognitive Computing Framework® and can be scaled with the exact number of vector engine (VE) cards needed to process large data sets in real time, for use in machine learning (ML) applications such as PII redaction and GDPR compliance for banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), as well as several other segments. This AI platform provides a complete framework for complying with data governance requirements, whether they are from GDPR, CCPA, ISO/IEC 38500 or other regional data protection regulations.

“There is a trend among enterprises to prevent sensitive information leaks by creating the most secure on-premises data warehouses and data lakes possible, while complying with regionalized data governance regulations,” said Sudhir Sahu, partner and head of project services at VACO. “The initial proof of concept for this joint reference design was developed for the financial services industry. Our partnership with NEC X enabled us to take full advantage of NEC’s 40 years of supercomputing experience, optimizing its innovative vector processing AI platform as the vehicle for our real-time PII data redaction software. Not only does that lower enterprises’ exposure to bad actors in the cloud, it also makes on-premises ML/AI operations feasible for a broader range of organizations from an initial CAPEX perspective, with more computational performance in a smaller footprint. Additionally, our service model enables enterprises to reduce costs on an ongoing OPEX basis.”

“This partnership combines our affordable and scalable AI platform with VACO’s domain expertise in IT management services and big data software development for regulatory compliance, providing enterprises with a more secure way to comply with regional data regulations,” said Shige Ihara, CEO of NEC X. “Together, we can dramatically reduce the implementation time to as little as one month, while saving IT departments 10x in CAPEX costs and providing a 20% smaller footprint with a 20x computational improvement, compared to traditional high performance computing (HPC) servers.”

The collaborative mission of this AI Platform partnership is to help clients derive the most value out of the two companies’ AI and ML technology capabilities, by providing the most essential and productive solutions that are 80% ready for deployment out of the box. This joint solution offers the following benefits to enterprises:

  • Customer segmentation and lifetime value prediction (Master your Data)
  • Improved precision of financial rules and models (Mitigate your Risk)
  • Accelerated time-intensive documentation generation to meet privacy and regulatory needs (Implement GDPR)
  • Increased efficiency of predictive analytics across industries (Reduce Fraud)
  • Interpret accurate customer behaviors (Increase Revenue)
  • Consume and process massive structured and unstructured data volumes (Know your Business)
  • Generate precise product and service recommendations (Gain Market Share)

For more information on this joint PII redaction solution, please email VACO at

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