Hiring for a Data Scientist

April 2, 2021

The job role has been filled, thank you to all who applied. Please submit your contact information on our Join Us page to learn about future opportunities.

NEC X is located in Palo Alto, California, and is the incubation and acceleration arm of NEC Corporation; it is well-placed to leverage the Silicon Valley ecosystem to support its startup companies. NEC X is looking to hire a data scientist for one of its startup companies that is creating a solution using both time series data and texts to enable human-friendly analytics that detect anomalies and predict failures in industrial equipment.

The solution is currently in development using NEC X patented technologies. A minimum viable product version of the solution is in pilot with select customers. The solution is expected to be commercially available by the end of 2021.

What You’ll Work On

The data scientist is expected to work with a team of technologists at NEC X to add features, improve performance, test and get the solution ready for a commercial launch. Initially, the candidate selected can work remotely, although eventually the candidate is expected to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Who You Are

  • M.S. in computer science or related field. Broad knowledge in machine learning (ML) and deep learning algorithms.
  • Hands-on experience developing and data analytics software, especially related to time series processing (including experience in Kaggle competitions or open-source project contributions).
  • Proficient in Python. Extensive experience using deep learning libraries such as PyTorch and data analytics tools such as pandas and SQL.
  • Requirements include excellent communication skills, both spoken and written. This is essential, as the job requires close collaboration with NEC X technologists.