Looking for EIRs

March 25, 2020

Edit: The job role has been filled, thank you to all who applied!

NEC X is excited to invite Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs) to drive forward our mission of disrupting and transforming industries with us.

Here is the overview of upcoming startup projects we want to find EIRs for:

Review Recommendation

Accepting a natural language demand via text or voice as inputs, this technology recommends customer-specific best services or products, based on the open-source information reported in reviews.

Multi-Modal Analytics for Time Series and Text Comments

It provides readable explanations to time series queries by searching historical time series using natural language description and extracting structured domain knowledge, including time series motifs and text keywords, as well as their relations in the form of quantitative models and descriptive rules.

Cyber-Physical Integrated Analysis

This technology assists users in identifying target persons and estimating their locations by gathering scattered information across the cyberspace and analyzing their social network profile and locations based on geographical proximity.

EIRs take the lead in customer discovery and validation. They identify business opportunities that appeal to angel investors and eventually venture capital investment. Learn more about our corporate accelerator program and process.

We set EIRs up for success by offering access to human resources, licensing of NEC lab technologies, development workshops for product-led growth strategies and leveraging them for your startup, coaches and domain advisers, and budget for the project and compensation.

Please submit your application from Join-Us or send us an email with your résumé/CV and business ideas incorporating the technologies above.