Earning Our Wings

September 8, 2021

By Yoshi Suemura, CFO and SVP, Technology Marketing and Ecosystems, NEC X

In the world of supercomputers, so much has changed in recent years. In the past, we’ve discussed how vector and scalar processing can come together to create an even better supercomputer. In 2019, we issued our first press release about the SX-Aurora TSUBASA Platform. We knew incredible things could happen at the newly opened Vector Engine Data Acceleration.

For NEC X, SX-Aurora TSUBASA opened new doors. After careful market research, we became entrenched in all of the existing opportunities within the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) industry. However, SX-Aurora TSUBASA is not limited to just one industry. As a vector engine, its leading high performance computing capabilities can be used to accelerate data analysis in a multitude of industries. In Japanese, TSUBASA means “wings.” The SX-Aurora TSUBASA has truly helped us spread our wings and create positive impact for so many stakeholders.

We’re proud to say NEC X has had great success with the SX-Aurora TSUBASA project. At this time, cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) applications for data security within BFSI show great potential. Traditionally, the BFSI industry faced long processing times when dealing with personally identifiable information, better known as PII data. Real-time processing of huge computer data is difficult. However, using SX-Aurora TSUBASA’s high memory bandwidth of 1.53 TB/s, combined with an AI software library optimized for vector processing, we’re able to provide superior x3 to x100 faster performance than the Xeon processor. We accelerate memory-intensive AI applications in a way that’s never been done before.

While the SX-Aurora TSUBASA project wasn’t one of our typical “startups,” it did have a significant impact on NEC X. NEC Corporation felt our team could leverage the agile tactics we use to accelerate startups to help identify new markets and customers, and iterate the product for final launch using this feedback. Again, when we look back at the needs of the BFSI industry, compliance regarding data privacy is top of mind for most executives to protect consumer PII data―SX-Aurora TSUBASA is the right solution that accomplishes this goal faster and easier.

We’re excited to share that the SX-Aurora TSUBASA project has been spun into NEC Corporation, and the AI Platform Division will continue promoting it. For more information, visit the NEC website and submit an inquiry via the ‘Contact Us’ page.